Last Updated on November 23, 2020

It is important to be extra careful if you have a swimming pool in your backyard. Your children will love swimming and most small children have a lack of fear of water. This can be dangerous! Small children do not have this same swimming ability as dogs, despite what you might see on YouTube.  You need to teach children how to breathe above water, float, and most importantly, not to drink in the water when they’re panicking. Aside from all this, you also need some sufficient pool safety equipment to keep your children, and others in the neighborhood safe. The following is a guide on what to add to the pool to make it a safer haven in your backyard.


They say that tall fences build good neighbors. Aside from the obvious privacy that a tall fence affords, you can also get specialized mesh pool fences. Here at Guardian we build mesh pool fencing around your swimming pool. Children can get a lot of silly little thoughts in their head. You don’t want their sense of adventure to become a summer or even winter time tragedy. 

Pool Alarms

You cannot watch your pool 24/7. Even the safest caregiver has a tough time being on for the entire day. Getting yourself a pool alarm will prevent the need for you to constantly watch the pool. There is a huge variety of alarms are out there. In fact, the selection itself may surprise you. When you have a pool, you are introducing a safety risk, so have to guard it. The first type of alarm you can purchase are gate alarms for your pool fence. You might think that you have done enough with the pool fence, but why not go the extra mile for older children? They might decide that they want to use the pool as a skating rink in the winter or have another hair-brained idea. Having an alarm on the gate ensures that they will not be able to slip into the pool unnoticed. You can also just install alarms on the door leading to the swimming pool area. Voice alarms are also pertinent key to safety. They are set off by movement. The parents then get a message that the kids, or neighborhood kids, are getting too close to the pool while unattended. There is also another type of alarm called floating and wave sensors. These are alarms that are placed on the edge of the pool or even in the pool itself. The alarm will be triggered when anything over 15 pounds hits the level of the water. This is great because you can make sure that no one is crawling into the pool unannounced, however, this might be too late!


When it comes to the pool, it should be a great source of joy. Many children have memories in their backyard thanks to their backyard swimming pool. They might have discovered a love of water and gone on to pursue aquatic sports. Whatever the case, it is imperative to have proper safety mechanisms in place. No one wants a memory of someone drowning or near drowning in the water. This can also trigger a fear of water that a child will have to carry, perhaps even for a lifetime. To keep children safe, you want to ensure that you have the appropriate safety for your house. Then you can be at ease knowing that everything was done right to protect safety as well.