Last Updated on April 26, 2017


Pool exercises are not only fun, but they are also very effective in keeping you physically fit and healthy. These exercises come in different forms, and it doesn’t harm to try them. Three sets have been described below.


1. Ab Exercises


The following moves are excellent for your Ab muscles:

a. Jump and Hip Twist
This exercise required that you get into the pool and ensure that you are at a point where your feet can rest on the floor of the pool.Begin by putting your feet together and then stand on your feet balls. Rotate your hips to the left and right and remember to twist your core muscles so that you can achieve the hip rotation. Repeat this for 3o seconds continuously.


b. Straight Leg Kick
In this move, you need to kick one leg up to the opposite hand. That will help to pull your abs tightly. Try to lift your legs almost to the surface of the water and keep them straight to engage your lower abs. Lift each of the legs at least ten times.

c. Tuck Jump
Begin this move by bringing your body out of the water while standing on the balls of your feet. Jump up and draw your knees up towards your chest. That will keep your abs engaged the entire time. It will also make your heartbeat to spike. Go for about 10 to 15 reps.

d. Tuck Rotation

If you want to work out you ab and oblique muscles at the same time, this is the move you will use.Start with your arms out long and your palms together. Go underneath the water so that you can fight the resistance. Sweep your hands across your body to create resistance for your obliques and core muscles. Allow your feet to pivot as you twist your hips so that your core is engaged and you stay safe.


e. The Karaoke

The Karaoke move entails skipping forward and back. Twist your hips as you bring your knee across your body and then behind. Move your feet forward and back as you work across the pool. That will help you get your cardio up and your abs engaged. Try to go back and forth in 10 reps.


2. Core Exercises



The moves described under this category of exercises involve strengthening your core muscles with a kick-board and a dumbbell. They include:

a) Water taxi

To do this exercise, sit on the kick-board with a perfect posture. Ensure that your back is neutral and your core are engaged throughout the workout. Afterward, move your legs and arms to enable you to travel forward.


b) Dumbbell Crunch


This move targets your abdominal muscles and the arm strings. Stand on the stem of the dumbbell, hold it between your feet and bring both your knees close to your chest while breathing out. Then breathe in and extend your knees and hips back.


3. Arm Exercise



Slim Arms Workout

Since your arms form part of the most active parts of your body, you need to keep them secure and fit all the time. One pool exercise that will help you is the slim arms workout.


What you need to do is to stand on the pool floor. Put your arms out to the side and your legs together. Then move your arms outwards repeatedly while your legs remain still. Do this three times and ensure that each round lasts one minute continuously.


If you have been wondering how to get your body perfectly fit without going to a gym, you now have the option of diving into the swimming pool and making the best out of it.