Summer is here and this year we can spend time with friends and family. As the weather warms up, the best place to do this is the backyard by the pool. Summer is the most popular time for pool fun so you will want to make sure that your pool is running as efficiently as possible. Without these top tips below, you could end up wasting energy and wasting money.

4 Ways To Make Your Swimming Pool Energy

#1. Replace Your Old Pump

Replacing your pump is one of the best ways to save energy and money while running your pool this season. Switching to a new pump or installing a variable-speed pump can save up to 50% on your yearly pool energy costs. If you currently have a sing;e-speed pump, switching to a multi-speed pump is a valuable investment and you will recoup the costs in energy savings in no time. The energy savings of a multi-speed pump comes from you being able to operate the pump according to needs, so you can slow the power to reduce energy and prolong the life of the pump.

#2. Use A Pool Cover

Having a pool cover does more than help protects your loved ones, it can help save energy too. Pool covers act as a barrier that helps reduce the evaporation of water. This reduces heat loss within the pool which helps to lower any demands placed on a pool heating system. Having a pool cover also helps keep leaves and debris out of the pool when it is not in use, which helps keep maintenance costs down.

#3. Update Heating

Invest in an automatic pool controller to help reduce evaporation and energy load on the heating system. Temperature control along with the use of a pool cover can help reduce your energy costs, while still keeping the water at a temperature you can enjoy. It is also worth changing out the water heater. Modern gas, propane, and electric pool heaters are more efficient these days and can help increase your savings. Additionally, you can switch to alternatives like solar energy pumps which will save money and reduce the power load on the local grid.

#4. Modernize Your Filtration

Filters today have been designed to require less backwashing, which means you don’t need to refill the pool after every backwash. This reduces demands on your pool heater. Updating your filtration and heater systems may be an initial cost upfront, but the savings will be worth it in time. An updated filtration system will also extend the life of the heater and filters, which also saves energy and money in the long term.


Regular maintenance and review of all the aspects of pool operation will help identify parts that need replacement and updating. With updated and modern components, as discussed above, your pool will run more efficiently which will save you energy and money. Energy costs are expected to rise over the coming years so working to reduce your energy consumption and costs now will only benefit you further in the future.