Last Updated on August 14, 2017


A child pool fence is seen as the number one way to prevent drownings in your pool. However, having a professional install the fence could be very expensive, which is why it has become popular for people to install child pool fences themselves. It is much more convenient and cost effective. In addition to cost savings, here are 5 advantages of a pool safety fence that you install yourself.


1. You Can Isolate The Pool From Your Home
If you install the  pool fence right into the concrete deck around the pool, you can create an effective barrier that will separate the pool area from the house and yard. If a small child wanders out of the house, the pool fence will prevent the child from falling into the pool.

2. You Can Protect Pets From Drowning
Many pets cannot climb or jump over a pool fence. A pool fence will help keep your pets from potentially drowning, as well as keep other wild animals out.


3. Easy Installation
These pool fences are easy to install, as they are assembled in easy foot long sections that can be installed by a homeowner using available tools for any type of deck.

4. You Can Install A Gate
You have the option of installing a gate that is very secure. No amount of shaking or pulling can break the latch. This will prevent children from breaking into the pool when there are no adults around.

5. Easy to Remove
If you would like to have a party by the pool and you have to remove your pool fence, the pool fence can be knocked down, rolled up, and stored for later.
A pool fence that you can install yourself is cost-effective and provides many different advantages that will allow you to keep your children safe.