Having a pool is a lot of fun. Swimming is a great exercise and a great way to relax. Yet, there have always been myths about pools that prevent people from experiencing all the benefits. The 5 most common myths are right here and so are the reasons you can ignore them and enjoy your pool to the fullest.

5 Common Swimming Myths Debunked

MYTH #1:You need to wait an hour after eating before swimming

This is a myth you have probably heard since childhood and it is not true Not completely anyway. Less than one percent of drownings have occurred after the person ate a meal. This is because your body is smart enough to save digestion for a later time. That being said, if you have had a particularly large meal, you may want to do more light exercises within the first hour.

MYTH #2: Swimming doesn’t help with weight loss as much as jogging

You can burn calories by swimming and this means you can lose weight. You can actually burn more calories swimming than jogging. For example, a person of average weight (approximately 150 pounds) can burn close to 255 calories with a half-hour of swimming as compared to 140 with a half-hour of jogging

MYTH #3: You can only swim when it is hot

Swimming is refreshing when it is hot outside, but this doesn’t mean you can only enjoy the pool in warmer months. You can extend your swimming season by keeping the water warm all year round. A solar cover to keep in the heat or a solar heater to absorb heat during the day will give you warmer water at any time. You can also get a pool heat pump to warm or cool the water as you want at any time.

MYTH #4: Pool maintenance is hard work

You do need to put in some effort to maintain your pool, but it does not have to be hard. This is just another one of those swimming pool myths. If you are consistent, you will see the rewards. Plan to clean the pool weekly and with only 2-3 hours each week, your pool will be safe and ready for use at any time. Your maintenance schedule should include:

  • Skimming your pool two times a week
  • Brushing and vacuuming once weekly
  • Testing and balancing your water at least twice a week

MYTH #5: Chlorine kills everything, even urine

Chlorine is a strong chemical and does sanitize the pol. But, it also reacts with sweat, body oil, and urine creating noxious chemicals. These can cause breathing problems and other respiratory illnesses, so it is not a good idea to pee in the pool. It is also a good idea to develop the habit of showering before you jump in.