Last Updated on April 19, 2017

There are some things in our life, that can’t be learned at school. Time changes, and today’s kids can’t be taught the same way their parents were taught 20 or 30 years ago. The most important skills that all people should have in this constantly changing world can’t be given by teachers only, and these are parents who should tell kids about them. Your task is to prepare them for life, because, as far as you understand, knowledge given at school can’t be enough for your kid to adapt to the world around.

 teach your children


Make sure that you do everything possible to teach the following skills to your child:


1. Tolerance


Very often we grow up in the area, where all people are almost alike, and big chances are that your kid will feel himself uncomfortable and even shocking when he meets people who differ from him. Make your child tolerant to people of different kinds, explain him that different race or different mental condition does not mean anything bad, and it is OK actually to be different. Teach a kid to accept all people around him, as a variety makes our life so beautiful, does not it?

2. Independence


As far as you understand, it is very important for your kid to be independent. So, encourage him to do everything on his own, let him solve some failures, give a confidence in himself. Once your child learns to be independent, he will understand that no teacher or parent is needed to tell him what to do, because he will be able to manage himself and feel himself free.


3. Asking questions


Certainly, you want your kid to be able to learn on his own; and the first thing he can use in order to do that is asking questions. Let your kid know that there is nothing bad about asking a question, as it helps you find out everything you need to know. Do not punish your child for his curiosity! As we know, some parents hate when a kid constantly asks questions; and it is not good to forbid him doing this.


4. Being happy


Most of parents make the same mistake, letting kids to rely on their presence for happiness. And when such a kid grows up, he just does not know how to be happy. Your task is to teach your child to be happy on his own, and he will not need to search for happiness in food, shopping, friends, video games, etc. The most valuable skill your kid may get is to stay happy by his own, playing or reading for example.


5. Compassion


This is the most important skill to have for each of us. We need to care about other people as well, not about ourselves only, and you should make your kid understand this. Show your empathy, demonstrate how you can ease sufferings of others when possible, and how small kindness can make someone happy. Moreover, such a compassion can make you happier in return as well.