Last Updated on April 19, 2017


Keep your Backyard Unique and Useful

Your backyard may be a narrow alley or a huge space between your neighbor’s property and your house. You need not doom this area as a wasted space but you can attractively design it with umpteen ideas and make it an inviting haven to enjoy moments of solitude, or socialize or conduct many outdoor activities.
Some ways to make your backyard area unique and useful are:


  • Your backyard can be turned into a cozy dining space where you can entertain guests. Consider creating a simple fire pit with slate which is equipped with a grill top.
  • You can accessorize your backyard with lights, tables and settees. Beautiful and cheap luminaries can be created by using paper bags and when doilies are placed in their insides, they sparkle better and create more effect. Comfortable outdoor pillows thrown on your seating arrangement add more color to the scenario.
  • Create your own private dining den for you and your family in your backyard, either under a tree or a hanging arbor. You can add an outdoor kitchen which makes the patio area very useful. Place weatherproof furniture and hang some outdoor lighting. Keep your dining space accessible to your kitchen.
  • You can wow your guests by going a little wild. Add native flower beds and climbing roses, wisteria, etc along the fences.
  • If your backyard is a small area with a lawn then consider having a play area for your children. Build an activity area or install a swing set. Add a pergola with seating nearby for you to relax while your children play.
  • Having a small vegetable garden in your backyard brings in wholesome activity to the family. Your children become familiar with the plants’ natural growth cycles and you can grow low maintenance organic vegetable plants on your own. Thus you can make your meals more economical and enjoyable. Your vegetable garden size depends on the space available in your backyard.
  • Adding a swimming pool in your backyard is an attractive proposal and an asset to your property. But remember that backyard pools though entertaining are risky to kids and young adults when they are left unsupervised. A backyard pool carries added responsibility and hence consider having pool fences and pool covers that meet the requirements of your municipal area’s safety standards.
  • Thus take advantage of your backyard space and design it in simple ways to enjoy your private heaven to your heart’s content!


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