Last Updated on May 9, 2021


On a scorching summer day, nothing makes you feel better than a dip in a cool pool. Everyone wants to have a pool in their backyard for hosting parties, swimming, afternoon lounging, or getting a perfect tan. Having a pool is not all things sweet, one aspect of pool ownership that is often overlooked; pool maintenance.

Routine pool maintenance will save you from less than luxurious conditions; murky water, broken filters, and algae build-up. Summer season is here, if you have to build a pool owner for the first time or an owner for years, these 7 pool maintenance tips will keep the pool sparkling clean.

You would not want to spend time by the pool that has seen better days. If you are too busy, hire a pool service company.

Skim Debris and Empty Skimmer Basket

For a truly pristine pool, skimming should be carried out daily. Skimming the pool’s debris by hand regular keeps the water sparkling clean. Floating debris, if left as it is, sinks in eventually and becomes difficult to wipe out. Remove leaves, bugs, and other unwanted items using a hand or leaf skimmer. Empty skimmer or strainer basket every few days. Regular pool cleaning will minimize the use of chlorine to keep it clean.

Checking Pool Chemistry

It is easier now more than ever to check pool chemistry with test kits and strips. Most testing kits follow the color-changing phenomenon to check water’s chemical balance. The Pool pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8, 7.4 being the optimal pH.

Clean Out Pool Filters

Just like kidneys work to remove impurities from human bodies, filters perform a similar function for pools. There are three kinds of pool filters to clean like cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth (DE). It is advised that every once a week turn off the system, remove the cap, and dispose of the debris.

Vacuum the Pool & Clean Walls

Vacuum the pool frequently for deeper cleaning, around 30 minutes of vacuuming a typical pool requires to stay clean. Besides vacuuming, brush, scrub down, and wash walls and tiles to remove grime and debris.

Cleaning The Pool Deck

The area surrounding the pool should be as cleaned as the physical structure itself. Rent a power or pressure washer and get rid of rust, dirt, and weather stains.

Using Tennis Ball To Absorb Oil

As the swimmers make exit, certain oils choose to stay behind; suntan lotion, hair products, and natural oils. A slick sheen on top of water may disgust you but throw a tennis ball in the water and its fiber will absorb the oils.

Get Help From The Pool Cleaning Services

Sometimes it is good to leave pool cleaning to the experts. At least once a while or yearly, let professional pool services have a thorough look at the pool, mechanical equipment, pumps, filters, and heating systems.