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31 08, 2016

Natural Homemade Swimming Pool Cleaners


If you have a swimming pool and are concerned about the environmental impact of traditional cleaning and disinfecting methods, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do in order to keep your pool clean that do not have a detrimental effect on you and other living creatures. By incorporating them into your [...]

16 08, 2016

Does my city require a fence around an above ground pool?


If you are considering installing a pool into your yard you might be looking at an above ground pool. The above ground pool offers some options the more permanent in-ground options offer. Some of these favorable options include the ability to quickly and easily remove the pool, should you decide to sell the house. You [...]

27 07, 2016

11 Tips To Know Before You Build A Swimming Pool


Where are you going to place the pool? One of the most important parts of buying a pool is deciding where exactly you are going to place the swimming pool. By figuring this part out, you will have a better idea of the size you want and what style will go best with the placement [...]

13 07, 2016

Why Fence A Backyard Swimming Pool With Childguard Pool Fence?


  When school is out and summer appears, there is nothing more refreshing and fun than cold drinks and swimming in the pool.   Sadly, there are also a few newspaper articles announcing the deaths of toddlers who have fallen into, and subsequently drowned, in pools.   In every state, there are laws requiring homes [...]

1 07, 2016

Safety Gadgets to Help Prevent Drowning


  Pools can be a lot of fun but they also prevent a danger. It does not take much for a person to drown especially a child. These new pool safety gadgets can help prevent drowning.   Layer Protection A child or even a teen should not be allowed to swim without adult supervisor. The [...]

17 06, 2016

Being a Good Guest at a Swimming Pool


   Community pools are a great way to exercise and have fun. Be it an outdoor recreation pool, or an indoor pool at your gym, some etiquette rules need to be considered.   1) Lanes of No Lanes: There are usually two types of swimmers using a pool, those padding around in the wider area, [...]

31 05, 2016

3 Tactics For Defeating Aquaphobia – The Fear Of Water


  It is that time of year again. The sun is out, the temperature is up there, and that sparkling pool is calling your name. There are invites to pool parties, lakeside bar-b-que’s, and trips to the beach coming your way, and you want to crawl in a hole and hide because you don’t swim. [...]

17 05, 2016

How and Why To Use Swim Paddles


  Acquiring skills to swim fast can be challenging for many people since, without great technique in water, you cannot move forward quickly. You must focus on stroke and strength techniques. Plenty of drills and tools are available to help you improve your swimming. Swimming tools or ‘toys’ are valuable assets in any swimmer’s assemble. [...]

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