Last Updated on December 14, 2021



All dogs need fresh air and exercise on a regular basis, although some spend more time outside than others. If your dog enjoys running around or relaxing in your yard, make sure that she’s as safe as possible. Your backyard might seem like a harmless environment, but there are certain dangers that it can present.



Fenced or Open


Ideally, your dog should have a fenced-in yard to run around in. This prevents her from roaming off of your property and getting hurt or causing trouble. If your dog is a great jumper or an escape artist, you’ll need to keep an eye on her while she’s in your yard. If your yard isn’t fenced-in, consider putting your dog on a long lead or installing a wireless fence that keeps her on your property.





Some plants, weeds and flowers can make your dog sick if she eats them. Ask your vet for a list of these so you can look for them in your yard and avoid planting them in your garden. Also keep in mind that some dogs love to dig. Enclose your garden with a short fence to prevent your dog from getting into it and damaging your plants, flowers or vegetables.



Pool Safety

While it’s true that some dogs are excellent swimmers, others struggle to stay afloat in water. If your dog isn’t a good swimmer, put a fence around your pool so she can’t jump in. Having a fence is also a good idea as a safety precaution if your dog isn’t supervised at all times when she’s in your yard. This goes for all dogs, even those who know how to swim since accidents can still happen.



Make sure the lids on your trash cans are on tightly so your dog can’t tip them over and eat what’s inside. You should also walk around and look for garbage that might have been blown into your yard from wind. There are several types of objects that can be dangerous if your dog eats them, like chicken bones. They can cause your dog to choke or obstruct her intestines.



Other Hazards


Citronella candles are great for keeping mosquitoes away, but they’re poisonous to dogs. Don’t leave any within your dog’s reach. Other outdoor items to keep away from your dog include charcoal, antifreeze, fertilizer, insect sprays and gas cans.