Last Updated on August 14, 2017

A mesh pool fence is a great way to keep your pool area safe while also keeping the area look aesthetically nice. Mesh pool fences are a good alternative to wooden or iron fences. They help protect your pool area and your family but are open enough to not feel blocked in. They are easy to install and easy to care for. When considering fencing for your pool area, a mesh fence is a good idea.

mesh pool fence

What is a mesh fence?

A mesh fence is any type of fencing that has a weave. They can be made from any type of material including metal, plastic or vinyl. The material is woven together with galvanized steel wire that is sturdy and durable. The most common mesh fence is a chain link fence, but mesh fences also come in many colors, shapes and patterns. A mesh fence around a pool area provides a safe, sturdy barrier to keep children from wandering into the area unsupervised. Mesh fences can be decorative and can match or blend into home landscaping and home exteriors.


How do mesh fences keep your pool area safe?


Because they are woven with steel, mesh fences are strong. They will not corrode or wear down. They remain a strong barrier that will protect pool area. Fences are mandatory for most pools. The area must be protected to prevent accidents. Small children are attracted to pools and if unsupervised may easily wander into the pool area. No one wants a child or anyone else to be injured or worse from drowning. The durability of mesh fences is outstanding. At Child Guard Industries, Inc., mesh fences are made with the best quality material to keep your pool area safe. Gates are self latching and self closing. They come with locks that can be secured with a key. Mesh fencing is the safest option to keep your pool area safe.


mesh pool fencingHow do mesh fences keep your pool area looking nice?

Mesh is like a very sturdy screen that is transparent. While protecting your pool area, the mesh is unobtrusive and keeps the area looking more open than a wooden fence would. At Child Guard, mesh fences come in two colors. The style and color that you choose can blend into the surrounding house and yard. Instead of the fence looking foreboding, the fence will look more natural as a safe barrier to your pool area.


What are other benefits to mesh fences?


Mesh fences come in premade panels secured with poles. Everything you need to install your fence can be found at Child Guard. The poles are easy to secure and the panels are easy to install. Panels can be removed at any time. Mesh fences are easy to maintain. They can be hosed off to clean and, they are built to last.

For the safety of your family and your neighbors, a mesh fence is the best option. Sturdy mesh fences will keep anyone from entering the pool area alone and prevent the risk of injury or drowning. Mesh fences are sturdy and durable. They are easy to install and maintain, and they can be used to enhance your backyard.