Last Updated on August 14, 2017


When installing a child safety fence around your property you probably have already looked into the different rules and regulations regarding the child safety fence around your pool. The pool fence must stand five feet tall all the way around and, if serving as a public pool, it must have a four-foot deck around the pool as well. However, before you just go out and install the new fence you need to take into consideration the land around the pool. Hopefully the land is even, which would allow for the best method for installing the fence. Of course, this isn’t always the case and you might find hills and changes in the level of your property which would throw off the overall measurement of the fence. In order to build a pool fence on different levels of land you do have a few options available to yourself.


For one, simply building a taller fence is always an option, so should the land drop half a foot or so in different directions a six foot fence ensures you’re always within the city ordinance code. This basically allows you to ignore the grade difference in the property, so the dips and raises shouldn’t prove an issue.


install pool fence

Stepped panels is an option, should you have rather significant slopes on the property. The stepped fence panels are designed to allow the fence to follow the slope and change in level while maintaining a constant space at the bottom of the fence. This allows you to raise or lower the fence, depending on the grade of the h, to make sure it is always at the same height, only the distance between the bottom of the fence and the ground changes slightly. This is a less expensive option than some of the other alternatives, so if you don’t like the spacing at the base of the fence you can opt into planting small bushes around the base of the fence to hide the gap.


The rackable panels is another option available. These panels are pre-built and are able to adjust out of a traditional square shape in order to configure to the shape of the changing level. The fence is built out of a series of parallelograms which contour to the property shape. This way, the top and bottom of the fence stay parallel to the ground while the parallelograms fit the change in slope.