23 04, 2013

5 Ways Animals Can Ruin Your Pool


Whether you area lounger who prefers to sit quietly by the pool sipping iced beverages or a more active pool owner who looks forward to a refreshing dip to start the day, keeping the pool in good condition is vital to your safety and enjoyment. Sometimes that means taking measures to prevent local wildlife from [...]

16 04, 2013

How to Prevent Child Injuries at the Swimming Pool


     Nothing beats a little sun and a good swim to get your mood up. On a hot summer day, taking the kids to a swimming pool can feel like a vacation for the busy parents, especially new parents who didn't really know what they were getting themselves into and that are now fully [...]

18 03, 2013

How do I know how many feet of pool fence I need?


      How to improve the safety of you pool. Installing a pool fence is an excellent safety measure you can take. Pool fences are important as they help to prevent your children from either falling into the pool or drowning. In case if you do not have any children, it is important to [...]

28 02, 2013

What to look for when buying a pool fence?


        Children are the world's most important asset. We need to keep them safe. An area that has safety concerns can be a swimming pool area. Fencing the area around a pool is a very wise decision. A pool fence can keep predators out, and the children in if the fence is [...]

18 02, 2013

Pool Fencing Ideas


    According to the National Safety Council, an estimated 5,000 kids under the age of 14 are hospitalized each year due to drowning incidents. When considering a fence for your property, the University of Washington’s Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center in Seattle suggests selecting a four-sided secure fence that is isolated from the [...]

5 03, 2012

Install Your Own Pool Fence


Safety should always be the utmost priority in any house with a private swimming pool. It’s not just for your own children and pets. It’s also for any child or animal from the neighborhood that might happen to wander into your backyard. So aside from teaching your children how to swim and being equipped with [...]

10 09, 2011

Pool Fence Repair


When you own your home and a pool, you are going to find eventually the  pool fence is going to break down. This doesn't mean you need to expect the pool fence to break down any time soon, but in case you do run into some problems it is possible to correct the situation on [...]

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