Last Updated on June 22, 2018

The importance of pool safety, especially when it comes to children, cannot be underestimated.  75% of drowning fatalities in the US involve children under the age of 5.  The majority of these occur in private, residential pools.  Fortunately swimming pool incidents can mostly be avoided, let’s take a look at some pool safety tips when it comes to keeping children safe.

Adopt Common Sense Rules

Have your own rules when it comes to using the pool and make sure everyone is aware of them.

  • Always supervise children when they’re in the pool, no matter their age or ability. Never leave them unsupervised (70% of drowning victims were out of site for less than 5 minutes.)
  • Don’t drink or allow anyone else to drink alcohol when in or around the pool
  • Make children aware of pool safety and ensure they are able to follow safety rules, such as keeping away from the filter inlet
  • Don’t rely on inflatable toys, noodles or boards for safety
  • Keep the pool area clear from toys and obstructions when not in use to prevent trip hazards
  • Cover the pool when not in use, this will help prevent accidental trips when children are not being supervised

Being Prepared/Prepping the pool area

When it comes to safety its best to be prepared than to wait for something to happen and then react. 

Install a fence around your pool

A pool fence is an especially helpful safety feature, as long as the fence is tall enough prevent climbing from small children.  The fence should be at least 4ft in height.  When choosing a gate for your pool fence make sure that it opens away from the pool and self-closes.  A child lock may be considered or keeping the latch out of easy reach.

Be aware of any nearby objects which children could climb onto to get over the fence.

Keep buoyancy aids nearby

Have a buoyancy aid nearby if not on the children themselves.  A buoyancy aid is recommended even if your child is able to swim.  It’s also the best way to pull someone safety out of the water.

Learn CPR

Not only could it save your child’s life, it could save someone else’s life too.  Lessons are best over attempting to teach yourself.  Do not rely on your ability to learn the correct technique, or remember it simply by watching online videos etc.

Teach your children basic swimming skills

Give your children basic swimming skills at least, if you’re able to teach them to fully swim, great!


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