Many people are deciding to use saltwater in their pools instead of chlorine. If you are considering this yourself, you need to have some background information before making your decision.

Saltwater Pools Use Chlorine

Saltwater pools are still technically chlorine pools. You can’t get away from the chlorine completely. The saltwater more or less forms the chlorine for itself in a saltwater pool. As such, people will not have to add chlorine tablets or the liquid. Chlorine systems will typically use a lot of chemicals as well as high chlorine levels. If you have a saltwater pool, you will not need to add in those chemicals. The saltwater pool has chlorine that will work just as well to keep the algae and bacteria out of a pool and keep it clean overall. You are not going to lose anything in terms of functionality by choosing a saltwater pool.

Saltwater Pools and Cost

It is true that using a saltwater pool will probably save you money in the long run. You aren’t going to continually purchase the chlorine and other chemicals needed for the pool. However, you will spend a lot of money getting the saltwater pool initially, and this is something to consider. You’ll have to add salt to the saltwater pool, of course, but it does not cost anywhere near as much as the chlorine and other added chemicals.

Switching to a saltwater pool when you had a chlorine pool initially should cost you around two thousand dollars. This might be an expense that is easily absorbed by some people. Other people might find that this is too expensive. Of course, a saltwater pool is an investment, just as any pool really. People can add to the resale value of their homes through the act of converting a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool. The two thousand dollars might not seem like a lot in time, as people make even more than that when it comes time to sale their home. It all depends on your long-term plans for your home.

Saltwater Pools and Health

You’re probably considering getting a saltwater pool in the first place because you have heard about all of the health benefits. Indeed, even though getting a saltwater pool has other benefits, most of the people who do decide to make the switch are specifically interested in looking after their skin.

The salt content of the human body and the salt content of a saltwater pool are close enough that a saltwater pool essentially creates an environment that is healthier for the human skin. It’s a more natural environment, and this tends to mean that humans can cope with the conditions more easily.

If you hate the way chlorine feels when you’re in a chlorine pool, a saltwater pool will feel so much better right away. If chlorine pools seem to have a negative effect on your hair, this is something you will not have to worry about with a saltwater pool. You’ll also probably get to hold onto your bathing suit for a longer period of time, since it will be less likely to get damaged in a saltwater pool.


If you have a saltwater pool, you might notice some corrosion on the metal chairs, the ladder, safety fence, railing, and anything else in the area that has a high metal content. You can reduce this problem to a certain extent with the right maintenance.

This will require you to wipe down the ladder, safety fence, railing, and metal chairs on a regular basis. While this means a little bit of extra work, this tends to be important and most pool owners do not mind. It’s just that a lot of people avoid it with their chlorine pools. Ideally, they would be doing all of this work one way or another.


You will have to run the filter all the time when they use their saltwater pools. If you’re not prepared for that, this can be a problem. You might run into some severe equipment problems after some time if you aren’t consistent with keep the filter running. However, this can still be a small price to pay for many.

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