We all want to celebrate Christmas. The challenge is doing so when the climate is not cold and chilly, like the stereotypical Bavarian or Swiss village. A wise planner, however, considers the possibility that Santa might have climate controlled systems at his palace at the pole. When you live in a warm climate, and you want to celebrate Christmas with good decorations, you should think of three basic themes: crystals, lights, and fruit.


Crystals are essential. A lot of legends of the North Pole say that there is a mysterious realm, Shangra La or Agartha, with a gorgeous crystal city hidden beyond the edge of the world. Waterfalls and warm climate persist year around. To imitate Santa’s crystal palaces requires creativity. Buy some glass bricks. Arrange them tastefully around the edges of your pool. The crystal can look like ice, or gold. Also, if you live near a desert, go rock hounding for some mineral colors, such as quartz, or maybe some limestone. Use it to give your home kind of a glittery and exotic palace feel. If you have marble, use that. Marble has the excellent quality of giving you a wealthy looking floor.


The next essential element is lighting. Lighting, now that we have cheap LED’s, is much simpler. Use your lighting in collaboration with the glass bricks to turn your home and pool into a palace to rival Santa’s. Strategic themes include red, green, purple, and yellow. If you use these colors, it will make your home appear happy and welcoming. Yellow lights are bright and make the glass bricks look like gold. Have colored lights inside your pool to make it seem like a magical liquid.


Finally, get some fruit bowls. Think of some yummy fruit arrangements that your guests would like to munch on as they play. Examples might be pears, strawberries, blueberries, apples, oranges, mangos, or bananas. These kind of holiday treats do not swell your waistline, and they keep you in a happy mood when the big day arrives.


The idea is just to give Santa and his elves a run for their money in your decorating style. That way, when he visits, he will leave more presents.