If you are considering installing a pool into your yard you might be looking at an above-ground pool. The above-ground pool offers some options the more permanent in-ground options offer. Some of these favorable options include the ability to quickly and easily remove the pool, should you decide to sell the house. You can install the size of a pool you want, so if you want a small pool or one that fills up the entire yard, the pool can change in size easily for a smaller price tag, and lastly, it does not require as much maintenance as a traditional pool. However, whether you have pets, children, or are on your own, you still need to make sure that your pool is safe. Many municipalities do require a pool fence even for above-ground pools. Due to this, a mesh pool fence is an excellent option, because just like the above-ground pool, it is temporary and gives you the ability to remove the fencing when you need to.


One aspect to keep in mind regarding the mesh pool fence is the overall height. Although your might have decided to go with the above-ground pool, the fencing requirements for the property are still the same. In most cases, you must have a fence of at least four feet tall. As long as the body of water (either in-ground or above ground) is at least 18 inches deep, you do need to install a fence. The mesh pool fence is made for pools and it might be perfect for your needs.

The mesh pool fence has several different benefits you’re not going to find anywhere else. First, it is quick and easy to install and you don’t have to worry about blocking off your view outside of the property. Other fences tend to make the property feel more closed in, so the mesh pool fence is a good idea. And, with a removable mesh pool fence, you can always remove it if you decide to change the size of your pool or move, so it doesn’t require costly removal procedures as other fences need.