Last Updated on April 26, 2017

Swimming pools have been in existence for a very long time, and they offer entertainment and luxury to people. The designs and trends of swimming pools are ever evolving. With this evolution, new features materials and technology emerge in the pool designs. Here are some trends and features that you can check in a pool.



The installation of the automated system has become popular on both side of technology and the consumer. Automation has improved the efficiency of a system enabling the user to have much control as well as saving time and improving flexibility. Today, users have control of their system via smartphones and tablet that allow remote control from anywhere in the world. This is more entertaining as pool owners can control the jets, spa, fountains and other pool features such as lighting just by using a phone.


The infinity edge or vanishing edge

This is a rising trend that is continuously gaining popularity. The pool design features a shortened wall on a single side that allows water to spill into a catch basin below. The water spilling over edge creates a visual appeal where water blends well with the sky view beyond. The appeal is particularly visible if the pool is located in a scenic setting.


Knife edge

The knife edge resembles an infinity pool, but it is a bit complex. The design is unique because the pool virtually lacks edge material. The water disappears into small hidden slots opening on the ends. The water flows continuously creating a disappearing edge illusion. The pool has hidden slots that on the underside that directs back the overflowing water into the pool. This makes the pool to have a never-ending edge effect. The knife edge pool appears like an extending mirror place on a flat surface.


The fire art

Modern pool design blends fire and water creating a scenic beauty in the outdoor pool. Such design pools with well-placed fireplaces, fire bowls and fire pits around or on sides of the pools. Such provide dancing fire with magnificent reflection on the water. The fires not only provide the aesthetic appeal but also provide some warmth around the pool.


Water features

While remaining attractive, water features still offer great beauty, especially with modern variants. The spectacular water features include a beautiful waterfall, rain walls, fountains, bubblers, and jets. Some designs also incorporate LED lighting that offers brilliant illumination to enhance the appeal of the pool. These water features make the outdoor space appear unique. Another modern aspect of these water features is the power of control offered by automation.


Energy efficiency

With environmental concerns, the trend is now turning to energy efficiency. The new pool blends eco-lifestyle with luxury improving the quality of life. Energy efficiency has seen the installation of various energy as well as time-saving equipment that includes variable speed pumps, UV hygiene, automatic covers and LED lighting.

These installations minimize utility bills as well as maintenance cost. With automation, the installations save the maintenance time so that you have enough time to enjoy your pool.


Eco-friendly pool designs

These trend is growing particularly especially now that everyone is conscious about the environment. Modern decorators incorporate environmentally friendly designs and installations. Solar heating, as well as geothermal heating, provide a comfortable way of heating water throughout the year. This way they also save utility bills. A developing trend is the use of bio pools. This option is also termed natural pool because it incorporates plants and various biological filters that substitute the harsh chemical compounds used for cleaning and refreshing the pool.