Last Updated on April 19, 2017

Step 1: Determine the answers to a number of questions before you begin the process of building your pool:
• The location of the pool
• The deepness of your diving end.
• Local codes of building and requirements for permit.
Step 2: You mark off the pool outline using stakes and string. Call for underground utilities to be marked so that you will not dig through a buried cable. Have in place your building permit. Determine supplier of pool and purchase pool kit, liner, cement and vermiculite
Step 3: The pool kit you purchase will provide you with the required measurements for final size of the pool sides and bottom. Perform the excavation at this stage.
Step 4: After this, it is time to clean up the rough excavation and start assembling and placing the panels. Make 42 inches shelf and shallow and straight and level using builder’s level and a tape measure.
Step 5: Install panels by using 2 inches long 0.5 inches thick rebar as stakes through bottom of panels into ground to hold the panels in place. Use string and spikes to make outline of pool for guide in assembling panels.
Step 6: While preparing the bottom, also dig out for the drain of the bottom in the center of the deep diving well. Make the draining box about 2 inches above the excavation level of the soil. Do plumbing at this stage.
Step 7: Pour the collar and footer concrete. You may use a loader to pour concrete at the bottom and sides of the pool. The footer should be about 7 inches thick.
Step 8:Work usually begins at the bottom .You may opt to rent a mortar mixer to make work easier and use a mix ratio of about 95lb bag of cement to 50lb bag of vermiculite and 11 gallons of water. You may vary these measurements depending on your needs.
Step 9: Put the liner in place. Begin this at the deep end of the pool and pull out the entire liner .Align the liner by lining up a steam in the vinyl with the recommended panel seam and the start hooking up the top of the liner.
Step 10: Start filling the pool. Simply fill the pool with water.
Note: It is advisable to fence your pool to ensure safety of your children and any other vulnerable individual.
build swimming pool step by step