Last Updated on June 29, 2017


Are you wondering how to hire a decent or even above average pool builder? Well, you have come to the right place. Building a pool in your backyard should be a very exciting time but, without the right builder, it can be extremely stressful. There are ways to make sure that you get the best builder possible but, in order to do so you have to know a little about building a pool yourself first. Obviously, you don’t need to know every step of the way but, you do need to know just what questions you should ask to get your pool built right.


The first thing you need to know is just what types of questions will tell you whether or not the pool builder knows what he or she is talking about. This will help you eliminate the duds in the interview process. If they don’t know how to answer these questions in a calm collected manner you probably want to move on to someone else.

How do you determine how much water needs to go into my pool? They will tell you how to figure it out if they know what they are talking about. Next, read up on pools and ask them questions that are tough to answer but, that you have already discovered the answer too. If they don’t know the answer, your answer is to move on to another builder.


Consider going with a smaller company. Smaller more intimate companies often have been in the business for a very long time and have been around. They are more reasonable and also more knowledgeable to the local area. This means if they are good at what they do you should be able to find that out from other local pool owners in the area. Once you are well aware of how other pool owners feel about select companies you will at the very least know which ones to stay away from.


Watch out for bate and switching of parts. Even with new pools, there are some less the scrupulous companies that will take an old part and place it on your brand new swimming pool. Ask to see the box that all the parts came in and the serial number should help you figure out the date manufactured. It may be a lot of work to track down those dates but, it is shame on you if later on, the warranty was up years ago because you overlooked the dates of when parts were made.


The most important thing to know is that you need to cover yourself because no other soul will do it for you. If you feel like something is not right, by all means, go with your gut. More likely than not you are right if you feel something is off. Dig, research, and ask all the questions you can think of in order to make sure you are getting a pool builder, that not only knows what he or she is talking about but, has your best interest at heart.