Last Updated on August 15, 2017




How to improve the safety of you pool.

Installing a pool fence is an excellent safety measure you can take. Pool fences are important as they help to prevent your children from either falling into the pool or drowning. In case if you do not have any children, it is important to have a pool fence to help keep neighborhood kids from accessing the pool. In most cases, pool fence surround just a perimeter of the pool rather the whole yard. They are usually made of light ware materials and designed for quick setups and take-down.



The height of your pool


One of the big questions you should ask yourself before fencing your pool is how high   you want your pool fence to be.   The swimming pool fence ranges from 3 ½ feet to 5 feet high. A 4 feet high fence is recommended for average toddlers as it difficult for them to climb high. For the average child the pool should be 5 feet. If your child still climbs the 5 feet pool fence, it is important that the child is taken for a swimming program. In case you just moved to a new home with an old pool, keep in mind a six year old can accidentally fall into the pool. For such cases a 3 ½ feet high pool fence is recommended as this is only for the child in the household.



How Many Feet Of Pool Fence



The distance between the poles


Having support poles in your poll fence helps to provide both strength and tension. Try to have them have a less distance apart. The best recommend distance would be 30 inches especially if you are making any turns with your fence. For straight turns like across the patio, consider using 36 inch spacing.



The type of materials to use


This helps to avoid the unraveling of the mesh itself while providing a finished look.. Since the fence is meant to prevent access from your home and the pool, it is advisable that you only open it when you are using the pool. can help you build your own pool fence with our pool fence configurator. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!