Last Updated on March 9, 2020

It doesn’t matter where you live in the city, who your neighbors are or if you have a pool and children, installing a pool fence or protective fence is not only important but in many locations is mandatory. The child safety fence is there to prevent individuals who are not able to swim from accidentally falling into the water. Of course, before you go about tackling the fence project you do need to know how much fence you need. This way you can budget the cost of your fence and how much you have set aside for it. Having such a ballpark estimate should allow you to know if you have enough to opt for the additional diving board or slide for your pool or if you need a bit extra for the fence.

There is no such thing as an “average-sized pool fence”. First, you must determine the dimensions of your pool. Chances are you’re going to use your house or backyard fence as one side of the fencing, so you don’t actually need to install four sides of a fence. You also need to determine how far you want to put the fence from the pool. We advise adding extra space for pool furniture or for pool play inside of the fenced area.

It is important to look at the quality of the concrete you are planning to drill the fence into. Make sure that you don’t drill right on the edge of the concrete. If you have dirt, you will need dirt spikes.

Now that you have determined how much fence you need you can use our POOL FENCE CONFIGURATOR.