Last Updated on April 19, 2017

Flotation devices for children are available in many types. Their main function is to ensure that a child stays afloat in the water. If you are planning a trip to a pool, lake, or a boat ride, then a flotation device needs to be found for your child. You need to find one that is the best option based on swimming skills and the size of your child.

Arm Bands

These are a good option for young children who are just learning to swim. They work best in a pool to keep them afloat while they swim and have fun. You should not rely on these if you have children who do not yet know how to swim. This is a good option for kids taking swimming lessons.

What flotation device is best for your child

Floating Swimsuits

A floating swimsuit is a great option when children are swimming in a pool or small lake. They have a ring inside the suit that is inflatable or are made with materials that will float. If this is too bulky or not the best option for your child, then another solution is necessary.

Inflatable Animals

These are fun for older kids who already know how to swim. However, they should not be relied on as a flotation device in an emergency. Inflatable animals only work as long as a child is able to stay on or not let go and fall into the water.

Life Vest

These are the best choice to keep children afloat in a pool or other body of water. A life vest is required to be worn by a child when riding in a boat. The benefit of a life vest is that they keep children on their back to eliminate the possibility of drowning. You need to find a life vest that is the right size so that it properly fits your child.

Back Float

This is a flotation device that is used when teaching children how to swim. The device has straps and is placed on the back of your child. These flotation devices have many layers of foam. You can take these off as your child improves.

Kick Boards

Older children that know how to swim can use this flotation device in a pool or lake. These can also be used to teach children how to swim. Kick boards require children to kick with their legs to propel them through the water.