Last Updated on April 19, 2017


Slip ‘N Slide Boxers on Pool Cover

In the super cute video, we see two cute brown boxers running back and forth playing tag. They aren’t in the yard, though. Like the video’s title suggests, these two playful canines are on a sturdy pool cover. It looks like water, with black crisscrossing lines, making it seem like they are in a kiddie pool.
They seem as if this is a favorite activity for them, and are thoroughly enjoying themselves, each other, and the shallow water. They are very safe because the cover is very tough and has been well-secured with its tethers.


Dog Loves Pool and Slide

Dogs don’t often like being on a slide because it can be disorienting to them. But in this video, you can tell this dog has found a great way to beat any backyard boredom that he might have had without the pool. He really loves this slide, and can’t wait until he gets back up the hidden stairs behind the slide and pool.
The little white dog at the beginning of the video doesn’t seem interested at all and doesn’t stick around to even watch. Some dogs don’t even like to be splashed. He’s one of them. But the black dog is obviously having a blast. Many dogs do avoid the water, but they should still be protected from accidents that can happen in and around water.


My Dog Swimming

Another video that you might want to see is this one. This cute pooch is playing fetch with his owner. He goes in twice for a yellow ball that he looks for from the side of the pool each time before joyfully climbing the ladder to swim to the ball. After retrieving it, he swims back to the ladder and climbs back out, and then down the other side. Dutifully shaking his fur coat out, he climbs the deck stairs and gives the ball back.
The second time, however, his owner gets a shower as he shakes his fur out again on the deck. Some dogs can get into even above-ground pools even without a ladder. To protect your frisky dog or puppy, these types of pools should be covered when not in use, too.


Games and Retrieves with Young Golden Retriever in Baby Swimming Pool, Dog Training

This video shows that some dogs aren’t used to the water. It isn’t always a natural love that a dog has. Some dogs must be taught that the water is a nice, cool respite from a hot summer day. This video shows one way to teach a dog to not be afraid of the water. The dog’s owner teaches him by being calm and soft-voiced with the dog.
Using a larger kiddie pool, he takes a favorite toy and taps the water’s surface with it. This gets the dog interested. This isn’t just a super-sized water bowl! Soon, the dog is in the pool, but, sadly, he doesn’t seem thrilled, and jumps out quickly. The dog’s owner get into the pool with him, and things go a bit faster from then on. Soon, the dog is retrieving the toy from the pool and racing back to his owner, after he is given permission, of course.
This is a well-trained dog who will end up really loving the water. But because many dogs like to eventually try things on their own, any pools that this dog has access to should be kept covered when not in use.


Protecting Dogs Includes Safety Measures Taken Around Pools

These dogs in water videos show a range of activities that dogs can really get into. It’s fun to watch them play around in the water, but be careful. If a dog is used to being able to play in the water, precautions need to be taken so that your fur baby doesn’t end up a drowning victim. Remember, not all dogs know how to swim.
Elderly dogs and puppies are particularly vulnerable if they should wander around and fall in. Even if your dog is a strong swimmer, he or she can become tired and need to be rescued. If you aren’t there watching, then your dog can easily drown. Pool covers are very important to a dog’s safety, just as it is to a child’s. Dogs cannot call out to ask for help, and drowning children rarely do. This is why it’s so important to make sure they cannot get into the pool in the first place when you aren’t there. A good pool cover will help you protect them, but it needs to be for the make and model of pool that you have.