Last Updated on April 19, 2017

Being a Good Guest at a Swimming Pool

Community pools are a great way to exercise and have fun. Be it an outdoor recreation pool, or an indoor pool at your gym, some etiquette rules need to be considered.

1) Lanes of No Lanes: There are usually two types of swimmers using a pool, those padding around in the wider area, usually at the shallow end, and lanes where serious swimmers are having a workout. It is very important not to allow your children use the narrow lanes for playtime. It takes up the lane space and is very distracting to swimmers. Do not cannon ball, or do any horseplay activity in the pool, lanes or no lanes. Running on the pool deck or hanging off the ladders is not only annoying, it is a hazard to others entering or exiting the water. Even with a lifeguard on duty, it is the parent’s responsibility to correct inappropriate behavior. If teenagers cannot conform to pool etiquette, it is best they won’t come unaccompanied.

2) Classes and Teams: Be mindful of a water aerobics, water Zumba or other water workout group exercise taking place in the pool. If you see an instructor and people doing synchronized movements to music, you should not cross into their area or do any distracting behaviors. Either join in or leave that area of the pool. Be sure to talk to the instructor afterward to sign up if you like the class! If you see a swim team engaged in training, pick a lane away from their group, and don’t cut in on their practice.

3) Have Fun Respectfully: Yes, the water might be chilly and your brother shouldn’t have splashed you, but there is no reason to scream. Nothing is as disrespectful than yelling, screeching and bellowing to serious swimmers and other bathers. Excessive noise is starling, and can drown out the voice of a swimmer who is really in trouble and is trying to summon help.

4) Cleanliness: If the pool has a shower, be sure to rinse off before getting in the pool. Do not put a baby who has not been toiled trained in the water, unless it’s your own person pool. A diaper does not take care of ensuring cleanliness for other swimmers. There is also no reason to spit or blow your nose in the water. Exit the pool and go to the restroom to take care of anything concerning body fluids.

5) Proper Use of Lanes: For novice swimmers, sharing lanes can be tricky unless you know the rules. If you must get in and share a lane, pick the person who swims at about your pace. If you are a slower swimmer, sharing a lane with a fast swimmer forces him or her constantly have to pass you, which interrupts their flow of exercise. Agree beforehand if you will be rotating around the lane, or halving the lane, with each of you taking a section. If more than two are sharing a lane, it can feel quite cramped, and circling around may be your only option. If you are one of those swimmers who run out of breath and have to stop every once in a while, best visit the pool during off-peak hours where you can have a lane to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with not being in tip top shape, and exercise is particularly important if you are unfit or overweight, you just don’t want to inconvenience others.