Last Updated on August 14, 2017


Pools are widely used and always enjoyed. One way to add to the character and safety of your pool is by adding special pool lighting. You can find the lighting in a variety of colors and styles to fit your needs. By adding lighting you will be able to enjoy your pool after dark while maintaining the safety of your family and guests. The color options will set a different mood for the pool, and added design features will strengthen the look of your pool. Pool lighting can be added to above or below ground pools and is fairly easy to install.


Lighting your pool is a great way to set a certain mood. If you want a warm and cozy feeling, opt for a yellow or orange based lighting system. For a relaxed and calm mood choose a blue or green light. And, if you want an upbeat and alive feeling in your pool you can pick out purples, pinks, reds, or even better, a color changing system. Switch up your lighting colors to have your pool meet the needs of any event that you are hosting.


pool lighting ideas


Lighting for pools is available in many different forms. You can buy lighting that floats on top of the water, is placed on structural elements, or is installed into the walls of the pool. For above ground pools the only options are floating lights or lights that attach around your return valve. If you have  a below the ground pool the options are much broader. You can install lighting all the way around the perimeter of the pool to illuminate all of the water. Also, if you would rather not have to install anything directly to your pool you can install landscape lighting around the perimeter and walkways to illuminate paths. Lighting systems can be put on a timing system so that they only come on at night and do not waste electricity.


If safety is a concern of yours pool lighting is a good thing to invest in. It will keep all people that are in the pool after dark clearly visible, and will illuminate to prevent people from accidentally falling in. If you want to add extra safety measures you can install pool fences to prevent people from getting too close to the water. Lighting can also be added to the pool fence. Be responsible and add lighting for safety of others.