Last Updated on April 19, 2017

Introducing your toddler to Halloween, one of the greatest traditions, is one of the greatest moments that every parent looks forward to. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all will be smooth sailing and many a times accidents coincide with this event. Luckily, you can keep your kid safe during Halloween by following these tips.

halloween toddler safety tips

Get a Costume That Will Keep the Toddler Upright

Even in the best of conditions, toddlers tend to trip and fall all the time. This means that as you are coming up with the costume, you must keep that in mind. Keep it short so that he or she can navigate easily. It is also paramount that you be on alert about the laces. If possible, tie and double tie them just to make sure that they do not get to trip your baby.

Visibility is Key

Whether you want to let your little one walk around for a while or sit with him or her, you need to pay attention to visibility. Decorating the costume with reflector tape is one sure way of keeping him or her visible. You can buy this tape from a hardware or sporting goods store. Even if the baby slips way for a few seconds in the darkness, you will be able to get him quite easily. It is also advisable that you start hitting your neighbors’ doors when there is still light outside for the sake of the baby.

Eliminate Pointed Props

For the sake of your toddler, you do not need any pointed props during this celebration. If you have any plastic swords or pointed princess crowns lying around, ensure that they are out of sight and replace them with softer versions. For example, instead of the plastic sword, you can sew one for the baby. Felt is also a good material for making some of the accessories that go with this day instead of using plastic.

Replace Masks with Makeup

A mask can make it very hard for your child to see and breathe, a recipe for accidents. You can avoid this by simply painting him or her instead of forcing him into a mask. There are many different nontoxic paints out there that you can use for this. Alternatively, you could make you own greasepaint at home using readily available ingredients like cornstarch, flour, food coloring and glycerin or water.

Scrutinize the Candy

It is always advisable that you scrutinize all the candy that your toddler has before he can eat it. This is important in determining if it had been tampered with in any way. As you visit homes, accept only homemade treats from the neighbors you know well enough. Since it would be impolite to turn down those offered by other people, you can simply bring them home but make them disappear from the collection to keep the kid safe. Hard candies, popcorn, and lollipops are all choking hazards for the baby and thus hide them or try and cut them into smaller pieces.

As much as enjoying Halloween is important for the toddler, his or her safety comes first. By following these guidelines, you will give him a first Halloween to remember.