Last Updated on August 14, 2017


If you have a swimming pool within your home compound and you feel that it is not safe when left accessible by all people, it might be a good idea to install a fence around it. Having a child pool fence is in fact an aspect that you cannot choose to ignore in such a case. When you install this fence around your pool, you will largely help to protect youngsters in your house from any dangers of drowning.


At this time, you might probably be weighing your options on whether you can install the fence using the DIY option or hire a professional installer. When you are installing a child pool fence, here is typically the process that you will have to go through;


child pool fence diy



In order for any project to be successful, careful planning is a major requirement. In this case, you need to lay out your fence, designate the entryway and then measure your fence. Basically, you need to note where the fence will go around the pool. Just make sure that it allows some space for people to walk adjacent to the pool. You will also designate one entryway through which all people will gain access to the pool.



You need to evaluate the site and then order your fencing kit. This might require the help of pool fencing experts. If you need help, just call us, we can help you. If you are doing the job using the DIY option, you will have to understand all that is involved in erecting the child pool fence properly.



The actual installation is where the job is carried out. Installation involves elements such as;

  • Marking holes
  • Using the drilling guide
  • Erecting the gate
  • Drilling the deck
  • Inserting plastic sleeves
  • Modifying the fence
  • Latching the fence


If you have the right tools to use on the job, you can use the DIY approach to fence your pool. Some basic elements like a drill guide, the type of mesh need to be brought into consideration. Just make sure that the fence restricts access as much as possible. Of course, all these are tasks that you can carry out on your own, if anything goes amiss, you might have to consult an expert for help.