A hot tub is referred to a self contained small sizeable pool or large tub of heated water which is for the purpose of providing warmth, entertainment, relaxation and hydrotherapy. Actually it is designed in that it has built-in jets that are meant to focus on the muscles of the bather.

According to health experts, there are very many health benefits attributed to hot tubs. The following are some of the mental and physical health advantages of getting into a hot tub.

Helps in controlling anxiety and stress

From research conducted, it has been revealed that physical and mental stress can be greatly reduced through using a hot tub. In fact, bathing for about 20 minutes is enough to fight back the stress. Anxiety is reduced through the relaxation and massage from the spa jets, the notion of not being heavy as water helps you flat, and the warmth released by the water. It is clear that endorphins; which are responsible in making one feel comfortable, are released by the body when it is stimulated by the hot water.


From the definition, aromatherapy is a kind of substitute medicine whereby aromatic or fragrant oils derived from healing plants are used. The hot water in the hot tub can be mixed with some of these oils so that they can offer certain therapies like increasing blood circulation, invigorating, soothing, and even improving the breathing. Examples of these aromatic oils include: Spazazz water crystals, and many more.

Lowers blood pressure

As a matter of fact, when you are in a place where the temperature is a little bit high, the body’s reaction will be that the heart will start beating a faster rate, for the body to distribute the surplus heat. This process will trigger a brief raise in blood pressure and then the warmth of the hot tub will lead to the expansion of blood vessels and body cells, leading to the decrease of the heart’s resistance to it. In turn, this will enhance your blood circulation all over the body; which is a synonym of lowing of blood pressure. Apart from that, a faster heart beat rate will in turn increase the blood flow which will deliver additional oxygen that rejuvenates body cells. This will definitely make one feel relaxed.

Enables you sleep better

From research conducted by health experts, it is very advantageous for one to always have a good REM sleep which is done habitual timetable. These benefits are both mentally and physically. When you have a quality sleep, the alertness of your mind is sharpened, you develop a stronger immune system, excellent food metabolism, and the muscles are rejuvenated.

Visiting a hot tub prior to going to bed is said to assist in the regulation of the body temperature. The hot tub will help in leveling the temperature to a certain level which will lure you to sleep easily, and ensure it is a smooth sleep with limited disturbance. What to take note is that it is not advisable to get into the hot tub a short time before retiring to bed. This is because you will tend to be sweaty and with raised body temperatures, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Improved skin care

The simple deed of bathing in a hot tub can better your skin. Skin pores will be opened by the warm water; something that does revitalizes and heals the skin. Apart from pore opening, hot water is known to sanitize and clean the skin. However, it is not advised to soak the skin for a long time in hot water because it will tend to dry out. Generally, a bath of about 20 minutes is enough.

Assist in curing and will experience little persistent pain

When you have persistent body pains and ache like muscle soreness, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis, which are caused by too much work, a hot tub can be ideal in relieving them. Actually the relief originates from the warm temperature which makes the body to have a good circulation. Remember when there is improved circulation, blood carried enough nutrients and oxygen to the body cells which will in turn get relaxed and heal from any toxins or inflammation.

According to science, when you have that buoyancy feeling from bubbles originating from a hot tub spa jets, you will have less pains as you’ll tend to be lighter. The buoyancy removes stress from various body joints.


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