Last Updated on April 19, 2017


Creating a safe home environment comes high on the list of any parents’ priorities, particularly for those who live in area prone to break-ins and burglary.  If you want to improve your child’s safety at home, consider these home safety and security options for both inside and outside your property:




Alarms are one of the most effective home security systems you can have in place when you have a family – from fire alarms and carbon monoxide testers to burglar alarms and motion sensors. An alarm can guarantee you’ll know when your home is under threat and mean you can put your mind at rest after installation. There are various levels of security alarm protection to choose from, those that simply sound when an intruder breaks in to those that ring the police straight away. In cot monitor alarms are another worthwhile buy for parents of infants, particularly new-borns. These sophisticated alarms are attached to a mat put under your baby’s mattress and will detect if your child stops breathing – a worry for all new parents.


Garden security


The best way to reduce the likelihood of intruders is to make it as difficult as possible for a potential burglar to break in. For starters, inputting quality security grills on your house would immediately deter any kind of intrusion. If your home looks like it would be hard work, the truth is they probably won’t bother. High garden fences and large drive-way gates are one deterrent whilst exterior motion sensor lights can alert you when someone is outside and will make it harder for an intruder to avoid being seen.




Child Locks


It’s impossible to keep your eyes on youngsters for every second of the day, for that reason you should always put in place contingency safety measures should they escape your supervision for a moment. Add safety locks to your kitchen drawers, child-level cupboards and fridge-freezer as well as the toilet seat and lid – which you wouldn’t want falling on tiny fingers.


Stair gates


One of the biggest home hazards for your children is actually your stair case. Whether it’s the dangers of your toddler stumbling down them, or the chances of you slipping whilst carrying your baby – always pay extra attention to your steps. If you have slippery wooden or metal stairs consider the addition of carpeting, whilst every staircase should be protected by a stair gate at both top and bottom to avoid any mishaps when your little ones try to adventure up or down them. Stair gates can also come in handy for providing security from other rooms in the house, such as cornering off the kitchen whilst you’re cooking.


Safety Plugs


Keep little fingers away from dangerous electric sockets with easy-to-use plastic safety plugs. All you have to do is pop them into empty sockets around your home and pull out when you need to use an electrical appliance. These little gadgets are extremely cheap to purchase and could literally be a lifesaver when your children start crawling!

Don’t put the safety or your children at risk, bring your home up to the highest level of security now.




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