Last Updated on July 6, 2020

So, you have already been imagining yourself lounging by a pool with crystal-blue water, and you’re interested in buying one, but how long does it take to build? Well, it just so happens we have produced a step-by-step guide showing you just how it’s done. So, turning those dreams into a reality will be a lot easier.

Design stage: 1-4 weeks

Your journey to making your dream of a new pool a reality begins with the design stage. Naturally, that means finding a designer. Now, even though the pool design has been made a lot simpler with the advent of 3-D modeling, you will still have to meet with the designer regularly to make sure that the final product meets with your approval.

Permit approval: 2-6 weeks

Most places require you to have a building permit before construction can begin on an in-ground swimming pool. This permit signifies that you have met the specifications required by city and county officials, neighbors, and businesses that the project is legal and safe. The actual time it takes to obtain a permit can vary drastically. It could take as little as a week, or as many as six. The actual time may well depend on how much bureaucracy there is where you live.

The excavation stage: 1 week

In actuality, it only takes a couple of days to dig a swimming pool, but unforeseen problems, like utility lines and plumbing, can cause delays. Also, the excavator can be held up by previous commitments.

Rebar, plumbing, and electrical: 1-2 weeks

Once the excavation phase is complete, it is time to set the reinforcing bars and install the plumbing and electrical conduits to ensure that the underpinnings and service devices are in proper working order. This includes the water supply, plumbing fixtures, and lighting, in-pool spas, and related amenities.

Gunite, plaster, vinyl, and fiberglass application: 1-3 weeks

Now it’s time to start making your pool look like a swimming pool. If you chose a vinyl liner for your pool, then look for the process to progress rather quickly. They come pre-made from the manufacturer. All your contractor has to do is install it. Gunite is a type of concrete that is sprayed on, therefore it takes a little longer, as the drying process could take as long as a week to cure.

Decks, landscaping, and other custom features: 1-4 weeks

At this stage, your pool is essentially complete. All that is left to do now is add the amenities, like water accessories, landscaping, a deck, and light fixtures. This phase can be longer, or shorter, depending on how many amenities you wish to add. Finally, your new pool is ready for you to enjoy! The time it took to complete may seem like it was long and arduous, but the entire process shouldn’t have taken more than 10 weeks at the most (discounting the impact any unforeseen problems may have had on the process, of course). But you have a whole lifetime to enjoy it. That’s not a bad deal at all, wouldn’t you agree?


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