Last Updated on August 14, 2017

If you have children in your home and an in-ground swimming pool in your yard, there is a huge risk associated with this scenario. Of course, everyone does the best they can to supervise their children at all times, but we all get busy, and in a moment’s time, your child can sneak off undetected. To make sure that there is no risk of injury with your child and the pool, you must take out the right precautions to prevent your little one from managing to find their way to the pool undetected.


Having a fence built around the pool that separates the pool from the back yard play area is a good way to keep your child away from the pool. This fence would be separate from the fence that keeps the entire back yard enclosed. Equip the fence around the pool area with a gate that closes by itself and one that latches shut on its own. Make sure you put the latch above the level that your child could reach. If you take the proper steps to keep the pool guarded, it will deter the child from wandering over to it.


Another good idea that helps keep your child safe around a pool is by having a pool cover. This will keep your child from falling in the pool should they find their way to the pool. These covers are so strong and durable, that your child will not be able to get under the cover easily. No cover is fail-proof, but it is a great additional safety feature for your pool along with the fence.


Teach your child to swim at a young age. Of course, all parents want to keep their child from ever falling into a pool while unsupervised, but if something were to happen, you want your child prepared to handle the circumstance. If your child knows how to swim, and if they are comfortable in the water, they stand a better chance of swimming their way out of the pool.

Your children should always be supervised when they are swimming in the pool. It does not make a difference if the child is a good swimmer or not. It does not matter how old the child is. At least one adult should be around at all times when children are swimming. A pool accident can happen at any moment.


Always have a telephone nearby when you have kids swimming in the pool. If the telephone rings, you will not have to leave the children unsupervised, and if there is an accident, you can call an ambulance immediately. Cordless telephones are inexpensive, or you can bring your cellular phone outside with you.


Taking precautionary steps will help you avoid a drowning if your child might fall into the swimming pool. It is always tough to eliminate any risk, but being there with your child when they are swimming is going to eliminate a lot of that risk.


Having a swimming pool for the children is great during the summer months. They are a great source of entertainment for families with children who love swimming. However, along with a swimming pool comes dangers, and pool safety becomes a very important factor.