Last Updated on August 14, 2017


Pool fences are a way needed addition to each pool, especially, once kids or pets in your home or once don’t have a fence around your grounds. These are the step by step procedure, that how to install a fence around your pool.


  1. The first step is to install a pool fence you need to place your backyard hose on your deck to make a fence design (we advise about 2 feet of pool edge). Choose where your entrance, before you spot the pool fence. Use chalk to mark on the ground where you want the entrance. Mostly the doors or entrances are placed with the start of the pool ladder.
  2. Estimate the hose length and add how many entrances you want to install. This measurement is about how much pool fencing you need to buy to install.
  3. Once everything is ready, begin to install your pool fence. Take a backyard stick (36″) this will calculate the space between the fence poles. You will need one more piece of wood with the length of 2 1/2 inches. This is the space among every pole where will install fence.
  4. Take water-resistant marker to mark out all the holes that are necessary to install pool fence properly. Calculate for each part 36″ and use 2/1/2′ block for measuring distance between each panel section. This will make easier to install.
  5. In your materials, there will be plastic sleeves that you will be buried in concrete holes, which grasp the poles upright for pool fence installation.
  6. Use a drill machine for making holes in pool decking. Ensure, place a piece of tape on bit to finish for drilling too extreme and destroying that sleeve. Make hole every side, to make the fence structure.
  7. You should clean the garbage from holes to fix poles properly.
  8. Place the plastic sleeves resolutely into the drilled holes. Fit sleeves a little tighter, to install pool fence properly. Now, holes work is finished, take out the material and poles parallel with your hole portion, where you need to fix pool fence.
  9. Start at the entrance, place the pole and pull tightly, keep on, even the pool around the end and install.
  10. Final step, to fit the spring loaded handle to your entrance, usually it’s a building code requirement.


how to install pool fence