Last Updated on August 14, 2017


So you just installed a brand new pool and are excited to take a swim for the first time? A pool is an excellent way to exercise, enjoy the outdoor weather and bring friends and family together. However, there are also some safety, maintenance and supplies you should become accustomed to, as you’ll have to utilize these tools, services and tactics for now on while outside. Of course, you probably already know about the child pool fence requirements of the area, as all fences must be at least five feet off the ground around the pool. Outside of the child pool fence it is necessary to look into these different materials and techniques.

For starters, while you probably heard it time and time again growing up when going to the neighborhood pool, you shouldn’t play around the pool. This isn’t to protect you from slipping and falling into the pool. After all, you can probably swim. It is more to protect yourself from slipping on the wet deck and hitting your head on the hard surface. There are all sorts of different problems that can arise from such a slip, which makes this an incredibly important safety tip to follow.

Introduction to pool safety
You also don’t want to dive into the shallow end. Again, something you might have been scolded about as a young child, but diving into the shallow end increases your risk of striking your head into the bottom of the pool and damaging your neck. By avoiding these issues you should be fine with your new pool.

Always check out the chlorine mixture in the pool every morning. You need to know if additional chemicals are required for the pool or if you need to let the filter run the chlorine through the water for a bit longer. Too little chlorine and the water is going to grow bacteria. Too much chlorine and you’ll burn your skin and eyes. This is why you need a happy medium.

A pool robot vacuum is an excellent object to purchase. This is going to clean the bottom of the pool so you don’t have to deal with connecting a vacuum and doing it yourself. This can often be a difficult task to do it yourself and you probably don’t want to either. You’ll still have to skim the top of the pool for debris, but this makes maintaining the pool easier to do.