Last Updated on February 21, 2022

When you are swimming, chances are your furry friend wants to jump in too. Like many pet owners, you may worry that chlorine is not safe for your dog. The good news is that levels in the water are safe for humans to swim and safe for dogs too for short spans of time. Chlorine can cause dehydration, so you want to make sure your pup is drinking plenty of water.

Is Chlorine Hazardous For Your Dog?

People sometimes swallow water when swimming, and so will your pet. In those small quantities, there is no danger. A dog’s, eyes, ears, and nose are more sensitive than yours so they may be more vulnerable. This is why you should limit their time in the pool. Chlorine is important for sanitizing the water. It breaks down bacteria that can cause illness and create murky looking water. As it is essential, the more you know about chlorine, the safer your furry friend will be. Here is what you should know:

Is my pet in danger?

Chlorine is only dangerous in high doses. The amount in pool water is very dilute so unlikely to cause any toxicity or harm to animals or people. So as long as your dog is taught not to lap up too much they can enjoy playing in the pool with you. Some dogs consider the pool to be a giant dog bowl, and this can be a problem. If your pet tends to exhibit this behavior, it needs to be discouraged or they should not be allowed in the pool.

What about ear infections?

When it comes to the ears, most infections are the result of dampness. By properly drying your pup’s ears after they have gone for a dip, you can reduce the risk of ear infections.

Is there an alternative to chlorine?

Bromine is the most popular alternative. It has a less pungent scent and less likely to cause irritation. It costs more though, so choose this only if it is the best selection for your situation and setting.


Allowing pets to use family pools is becoming increasingly popular. While you can allow your fur friend to join in at any time, it’s important to take precautions to make sure that no harm comes to them. Using this guide to understand chlorine will help you keep your best friend safe and happy.