Last Updated on April 19, 2017


Children love to play in the backyard.  For children, especially those that are aged 7 years old below, the backyard is the place where they could be as noisy and rowdy as they want to be. However, if the children can afford to be carefree while playing in the backyard, the parents could never do the same.


Safety in the backyard must be a top priority in order to avoid spoiling the fun or turning an enjoyable activity into a disaster. Below are some of the ways to keep the children safe while they are playing in the backyard:




Accidental Poisonings


Parents must not forget that children are very curious creatures. They love to explore and discover about those things that they see.  This is the reason why you should make sure that those poisonous substances, insect spray, gasoline and other dangerous chemicals are out of reach and out of your children’s sight anywhere in the backyard. The backyard must also be devoid of poisonous plants, or anything that may cause itchiness or trigger harmful allergic reactions to young children.


Falls and Trips


The backyard must be safe from falls and any other objects that may cause children to trip over and fall. Ladders must not be left propped against the wall of the house and hose pipes must not be left unraveled. If there are trees in the backyard, make sure that there are no exposed roots and no fallen branches. Parents must also check for any sharp or pointed objects in the yard. The patios, steps or sidewalks must always be in good condition.


Equipment Injuries


If your backyard has play equipment, regularly check for any broken or loose parts, jagged edges, and rust. If the play equipment allows the children to climb, do not forget to put some rubber, mulch, sand or any soft material beneath it to prevent injuries if kids fall. Make sure as well that there are no strings or any ropes left loose anywhere to avoid the possibility of strangulation.


Insect Bites


Insect or bug bites can cause a lot of problems among children. But, there are plenty of ways to avoid insects or bugs from biting or even getting near your kids. One way to do this is to make sure that the backyard has no standing water and any other breeding places for mosquitoes. The kids must be inside the house before dusk because this is the time when insects are too many. Bee hives and ant hills must not exist anywhere in your backyard.


Dirt and Germs


The backyard can be your children’s haven as it allows them more freedom to run around and spread some noise.  This is the reason why adults must see to it that the yard is clean all the time. There should be no garbage lying anywhere in the area.  Trash cans must be kept away from children’s reach and foul smell or any objects that stink must not be present in the backyard.


Most of all, everybody must remember that adult supervision is a must no matter how safe your backyard may be.  Kids, especially those that are 7 years old below must not be allowed to play in the backyard without anyone supervising them.


This was a guest post written by Miranda C.  She is from the website How Much Is It – A large cost helping resource that showcases more than 2,500 guides that help you find out what things cost.