Last Updated on August 14, 2017

Getting a pool built in Sacramento isn’t as simple as it used to be. You now not only have to think about the pool itself, but you also need to think about the fencing requirements for the city and make sure that you meet them. There are some very specific rules for pool fences in this city, and you will want to learn about all of them. You will want to make sure that each one of the requirements is met, so that your pool is good right from the beginning.
All of the requirements are not fun to deal with, and no one really likes them, but they are there to keep kids safe. And when you learn about how large of a fence is needed and all of the other requirements, you should be able to get this taken care of quickly. It is important to have the pool fence there not only to meet the city’s requirements, but also to give you peace of mind. There is no telling who will accidentally fall into your pool when you don’t have a fence there to guard it, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.
The fence around the pool needs to be five feet tall, has to have holes or gaps that are less than four inches in diameter, and it has to be designed in a way that will keep young children from climbing on it. As long as it meets all of these requirements, it should be fine. Most DIY pool fence won’t satisfy code requirements, you will be better off installing one professionally. So, you should think about building it and what will need to be done for it when you begin thinking of a pool. Get the fence put in around the pool, and then you can begin to enjoy swimming in your own pool in Sacramento.