Last Updated on April 19, 2017


It’s not easy to be a parent of a teenager these days, the peer pressure and bullying are more pronounced than ever. These things push kids to adopt the behavior acceptable among their peers: they want to look cool, own high-end products so they can stand out.


Technology is growing rapidly and thousands of gadgets hit the market, so if you buy something there will be a better gadget out there in a few days. With the current pace of technological growth it’s really hard to satisfy the tech interest of your kids. There will always be another kid with a better laptop or smart phone, no matter how much you spend to get the best gadget for your child.




Smart parenting leads to smart parental control. Instead of buying your kids a new and better gadget every other day, take the one he has and make it fun for them. Add lots of games appropriate to their age in their smart phone or laptop so they can play whenever they are bored and it can be quite interactive. They can invite friends over or do social gaming at any hour. Games sharpen up the reflexes and improve problem solving skills. Most of such game apps are free to download so it’s like getting entertained for free. This is one thing that your kids can do while staying at home, so it’s less possible that they will complain about getting bored at home.


Parents are always concerned who their kids are hanging out with, what kind of activities they are involved in and what sort of places they visit. Once your children are out of home, they are on their own. They can get in a bad company and become a social deviant. So, the challenge for parents is to devise some activities that are fun for your kids and where they can channelize their energies by spending some quality time.


Don’t be too hard on your children; let them go out with their friends but you should know who your children are hanging out with. Therefore, keep the phone numbers of your kids and their close friends saved in your cell phone. Even when kids are at home monitor their activities but be considerate and moderate – they should want to tell you their secrets, not offer excuses. You can check the internet search history or install add-ons on their computers so whenever a potentially objectionable web page opens it leaves a cookie on the computer or a siren goes off that alerts you.


Apart from these tips you can get the mobile monitoring tools available in the market. Such apps are the mobile monitoring software which uploads all the cellular phone activities of the target phone to your online account. So, you’ll get to know all the call log, SMS, MMS and internet browsing history of your kid’s phone. In this way you’ll know if your children are involved in any harmful activities or not.




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