Last Updated on August 14, 2017

When you own your home and a pool, you are going to find eventually the  pool fence is going to break down. This doesn’t mean you need to expect the pool fence to break down any time soon, but in case you do run into some problems it is possible to correct the situation on your own. You shouldn’t have to pay more than you need to, and the pool fence allows you to look at the problem areas and alter the issues on your own, without having to call in an outside source in order to perform the necessary pool fence repair.

When you first look over the fence or the gate, you need to make sure the hooks and the eyes of the fence pool system are actually connected. If the hooks and yes are not connected it is going to eventually fall apart and start to detach. This is a simple fix and should only take a few minutes to correct.


If there is a hook and eye that is not connected properly you must disconnect all of the surrounding hooks and eyes of both sides of the gate and push  the double poll pieces down until it hits the bottom of the plastic sleeves. From there, open the gate and use a level on both sides of the pole to make sure everything is even. If the pole is not level it can cause other issues with the fence

The most basic issue associated with a pool fence is the gate. This is because there are rubbing parts end up breaking down and reduce the strength of each part. In order to avoid this kind of problem and to prevent any sort of banging you need to move the hook and the eye of the pool fence system  to the side of the molding on the double pole piece where the gate pulls away from the opening and the cause of the tension on the pool gate.

If you have an issue with another material, such as a chain link fence, you need to sand down the rust, repaint it and then apply a protective coating in order to prevent any additional rust or break downs. Issues with masonry might require you to bring in a professional though, depending on what the situation is.