Last Updated on August 14, 2017


The best type of safety fence to protect your child from falling into your swimming pool and drowning is one they cannot climb over. You may believe that small children would not be capable of climbing over a fence that is higher than their head, but they are very determined and can climb over the fence if they can get a toehold or handhold. The tragic fact is that many children have drowned because responsible adults thought they would be unable to scale a pool fence that was considered to be safe.


The safest child pool fence begins with a strong fence pool system that is virtually unbreakable. The most important feature of a child safe pool fence the the type of mesh that is used and the height of the fence. Pool fencing should be well over the  height that your child is able to reach, and the mesh should be small enough that fingers or toes cannot reach through in order to climb the fence. Another important feature of a child pool fence that is as safe as possible is a self-closing gate that automatically latches. You should position the latch well beyond the reach of your child, or even on the inside of the gate where you can easily reach it.


inground swimming pool


Any home that has an inground swimming pool should have a safety fence around the perimeter to assure every precaution is taken against an accidental child drowning. If you have an inground pool at your home, but do not have small children at home, you may prefer a removable pool fence that can be easily removed and replaced. This makes your pool area more open for entertaining when your only guests are adults, but the fencing can be replaced to protect small children who may be visiting or a wandering child from the neighborhood. An indoor pool provides hours of recreation and pleasure for you and your family, but as a homeowner you are responsible for making your property as safe as possible.