Last Updated on April 19, 2017




It is a really a privilege to own a home with a pool and a good home turf around it. Homeowners with ability to own such types of luxury pools usually have the funds to keep them in good conditions. This has a vital impact since these swimming fools usually requires more maintenance cost than the installation costs. Maintenance costs will certainly be different depending on where you live. These are among the components of such costs.


The circulation system


When you want to determine the cost of well keeping a pool, you should know how much electricity the circulatory system consumes. This system may at least cost you $50 for a period of around 10 hours. The adjustment of the temperature may range at $10 to $15 with a month. The degrees the water rises within a month may also require you to estimate for the cost, which may predictably range from $75 to $82.



Plumbing, electricity, and mechanical parts


When estimating this cost you should have to consider the number of water gallons needed. You must estimate the volume of water you would need to fill the pool and how to dispose or recycle it. This requires an understanding of the expected volume of water. This can be calculated by multiplying the breadth by the length by the depth. Since most sections of pools differ in depth you should have to add the deeper to the shallower and divide by two to get the exact depth. In an average type of pool, the costs may range from $10 to $14.



Pool Maintenance Cost



You should have to check for the alkalinity levels

You should have to check the ability of the water to resist pH changes nearly every week. The testing kits used for testing the balancing of water pH may give a standard level, which may range from 158 to 182 particles per meter. This may at least cost you some hours but not much money.


Average pool maintenance


If you manage to follow the above factors, the average cost for cleaning this pool may cost $70 to $170 per month. If you want to be cleaning the pool personally, your average maintenance costs may be up to $105 considering you have the testing kit and the vacuum head. The cleaning of the filters power vacuums and closing and opening of the pool in winter may cost you $70-$180.