Last Updated on April 19, 2017


Children have a tendency to be carried away especially when it comes to water.


They genuinely enjoy playing with and in water without realizing what dangers they are exposed to. It is therefore the parent’s responsibility to look out for their children to avoid accidents that could otherwise have been prevented.


Drowning may not necessarily occur in the swimming pools only. Though assumed to be safe, filled bathtubs pose a risk that most parents overlook. They assume that after all the child is used to remaining behind in the tub after taking their bath. Sometimes unexpected accidents do occur especially if the kid you are dealing with is hardly above one year. Considering the slippery nature of a bathtub, they may slide and fall into the water. Due to their small body size, attempts to salvage themselves may fail miserable and lead them to suffocate and drown. To avoid such gruesome experiences, you should never leave a toddler unattended no matter the minutes you will be away.


Toddlers are inquisitive since they are in that specific stage that they are learning and grasping new things. Because of this therefore, they tend to follow their shadows wherever they go. Woe unto you if your child follows it to the swimming pool. This will mean automatic drowning since water is a playing fantasy they may not even struggle so chances are that you will not hear. To prevent such calamities, it is important to put up a fence the pool in with a height of one and a half meters tall and with twelve centimeter inched mesh. This will prevent any children from jumping over or squeezing through the holes to reach the pool side.


Pool areas are what tend to pose a lot of threat as far as drowning is concerned. It is therefore helpful to install automatic alarm systems that trigger in case of abnormalities. Also block pools other than through fencing and at all times drain any collected water on top of the covering. Be vigilant as to where your kids play and remove toys from drainage paths lest they trace it back to the water source which is the threat you are trying to remove. Probably teaching them to swim is the best safety net you can offer them. Encourage your kids to learn to swim and save yourself the worry of them drowning.