Last Updated on August 14, 2017



Fun in the sun is always much more enjoyable when water is added to the equation. All the splashing and fooling around is loads of fun for the entire family and it extends to your furry friends. You have the pool and you have a fence around it, so all is well. But is it?


The safety of the entire family is important whether it’s swimming time or not. It’s vital to take measures that will ensure the safety of everyone that have access to the pool, and you should not overlook pool safety for pets. That includes canines, felines and any other pet you may have.


We know that cats generally would not play around where water is concerned, but you would not want to rule out any accidents, so precaution is important. More often than not it’s the canine friends that do not mind getting their furs wet. The term doggy paddle can give the impression that swimming is as natural to dogs as barking. However, let’s immediately eliminate the myth that all dogs are born knowing how to swim. Yes, there are great canine swimmers, but there are a lot of breeds that find swimming very difficult and at times even impossible, especially when they’re not trained.


In your pursuit of pool safety for pets it’s highly recommended that you look towards the experts. Trust those who have tried and tested many methods and know to ensure pool safety for pets. Going out on a whim to purchase mesh is not a good idea. The last thing you want to do is throw your money in the water. Figuratively speaking of course.


If your pet’s mind is made up to get to the pool then it can become single minded in its quest to the extent that it will claw or bite their way through the mesh. So, within days or even months of buying the mesh you’ll have to go out to buy a replacement or do some serious patchwork. You’ll find that most of the mesh that’s available in the market claims to ensure pool safety for pets, but have large holes that your pet can easily put its claws through and of course once there’s enough of the mesh protruding they will start alternating between teeth and claws. The more persistent the pet, the faster the mesh would break.


Adding to the challenge of finding the right type of mesh that will secure the area and guarantee pool safety for pets is the fact that you will require the right structure to hold the mesh up. Larger dogs also mean heavier dogs and if they constantly lean against the mesh or even jump on top of it then they will inevitably weaken the poles that hold the mesh in place. Once these poles break it’s easy for your pet to reach the water.


In your search for pool safety for pets, the option of brick walls or cement slates will only serve to block the view to the pool and make the yard seem smaller. In addition to that, they’re costly and immovable structures that should not be considered since the perfect solution is not out of reach at all.


What you need is dense mesh that does not allow claw penetration and that’s held by poles that does not give in when your pet’s weight is on it. You need a structure that offers you the flexibility of putting it up and taking it off at will without any hassle, giving you full command of your yard. Just the way you want it.