Last Updated on August 14, 2017

Young children of the age between one to four years are usually at risk of drowning in the water pools and normally the adult supervision is not that enough to protect them. A number of researches have been done by experts on pool safety and one outstanding aim of the research is to come up with vast devices and products that are focused on keeping your pool safe. In the following discussion, we are going to look at some of the popular pool safety products that are required to ensure that all the people around you are safe from drowning.


Modern customised fences

Normally, there are a number of fences that are used in doing the pool fencing. The most recommended one is the fence that is designed with self-locking gates and self-closing and importantly has covers that are rigid and slides over the pool like the horizontally made garage door. The fence should actually be four feet tall when surrounding the fence and importantly, it should do a separation between the house and the pool. The fence should have self-latching gates which are out of reach for the small children. Finally, the gates should be self-closing and should fit your pool gate with an alarm.


Do an installation of underwater motion swimming electronic pool alarms

It is usually recommended that you should install alarms that are professionally attached to the sides of the pool and importantly detect the motion under the water. You avoid the normal alarms that do detection of motion on the water surface. This all because surface alarms can give you false alarms since they can be triggered even by the wind that moves the surface water. There are also other types of alarms that are attached to the wrist of the child like a wristwatch and makes a sound when the wristband gets wet. Others are designed to sound when the band stays beneath the water for a very long time.


Pool covers

This generally involves covering your pool when you are not using. This is not only important in keeping your pool safe but also making sure that the children around are safe from drowning. There are two types of covers that are used in doing the pool covering function. Hardcovers and soft covers. However, research says that it doesn’t matter the type of cover you are using as long the cover you are using can support the weight of an adult it is approved for such functions. Good covers should meet so very important certifications before they are approved by American Society for Testing and materials. The cover should ensure that it hold some substantial amount of weight, it should prevent accumulation of rainwater on the surface of the cover and importantly it should have raised sides that can prevent kids from slipping into it. The major advantage of pool covers is that makes it impossible for the kids to get into the kid when nobody is around. Not unless the kid knows how to unhook the cover, he cannot be able to get into the underside of the pool. The only disadvantage with pool covers is that most of them are very expensive.