Last Updated on April 26, 2017

What are the different ways that having a pool can benefit you? What about any of the downsides that come with building one? Here you’ll learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly options you have when it comes to getting a pool installed in your home’s yard.



The biggest pro to having a pool is that you’ll have an awesome place to hang out. You can just chill in it or you can swim around and get some exercise. You’ll also be the hit of any event you host because you’ll be known as someone with an awesome pool. Just make sure it’s kept in nice shape and that you keep it maintained if you want it to be enjoyed. They make pumps, filters, and other tools you can use to automate a lot of the work.


Another pro is that it’s not that expensive these days to get a pool installed. There happen to be a lot of people out there willing to do the work or you can do it yourself. Whatever you choose, as long as you do some research that you take your time on, your pool should turn out to be a sound investment. There are all kinds of reviews online, for instance, and articles about pools that you can look at. When you find information, be sure to look up other sources so you know it’s okay to trust it.



The cons of having a pool are the cost associated with it and the maintenance you have to do. For the most part, you have to pay quite a bit if you want a pool built into the ground. There are above ground options that are cheaper, and you can also go with cheaper materials for an in ground one. But, either way, you are going to have to pay if you want it to be nice. A bad pool that’s not in that good of shape is going to end up costing you more to keep up with so it’s better generally to spend the extra on something nice.


When it comes to the worst part of owning a pool, it generally comes down to having to keep up with maintaining it. If you have trees around, then you have to have someone deal with the leaves or they will clog up the filter. You can get a cover that will keep it protected when you’re not using it, and you can hire a pool maintenance person if you don’t have time to clean it. You also have to keep up with putting the right chemicals in the water to treat it regularly.


Swimming pools are great to have if you live in an area where the weather is right for one. But, you have to be willing to maintain it if you want it to last you. Now is the time to build the pool of your dreams and to enjoy yourself in it this coming summer!