Last Updated on August 14, 2017

fencing for dogs

Through years of trial and error, our efforts of finding the right durable mesh to withstand the various dog weights – from 20lbs -150lbs – and their scratching and clawing efforts has succeeded. Our mesh pet fences are one of the most durable and effective pet fences on the market today. No matter if your pet is known to claw or jump onto a fence, this mesh fence will suffice for durability and in addition provide health benefits and comfort as your dog can experience mesh transparency, UV ray resistance and wind permeability. Customers have loved this product for their pets and you will too.

It is a 100% polyvinyl-coated polyester mesh fence. The weave structure is 11×16 strands per square inch. This weave structure ensures that hole sizes of the mesh are so small that your dog is unable to fit their claws in between the mesh for damage causing. In addition to this structure, it is made to resist UV rays, which is a big health factor as UV trays can cause extremely negative health concerns with your pets. The mesh also allows wind to pass through comfortably to give your pet a nice pleasurable weather experience in certain conditions, within the spring, summer, and fall – in most cases. This is a quality mesh pet fence that owners can really appreciate and give their pets a better experience while being separated from the pool or from roaming the neighborhood.

The pet fence poles are just as effective in its duties as the polyester mesh is in its duties. This pole is considered to be the strongest removable mesh fence pole in the industry. This pole is able to stand up to the smallest and largest of dogs. If your pet wants to jump or lean on the fence, that is quite ok, this pole will do its job as suppose. Easy to remove and re-apply to its position as needed.

And if you are not too pleased about drilling holes in your property, we provide a no-holes solution. This is the first of its kind and making waves around the country! A structure that holds the fence in place by a heavy base, that fills with water and is strong enough to hold pets and even small babies outside from the source that from which it is protected. This is a great solution for those home owners that really only have to use such mesh fences on an “every so often” bases like: the family is flying in from out of town to visit and there is a baby and a dog coming along as well and they just can’t wait to try the new swimming pool -instances as such. This no-holes portable pool fence is a life saver and it works as it is supposed and it offers high quality as well.Portable Pool Fence

To get a hold of your quality and durable mesh pet fence, call us today to order – 1 (800) 336 – 7223. We offer free estimates. Our company has provided mesh pet fences for over 25 years and we would love to work with you in the near future. Call us today!