Last Updated on August 14, 2017


When you have  a backyard, pool safety should be at the top of your priority list.  The pool should be enclosed using a fence four to five feet high. This slats in the fence should be close together so children cannot squeeze through them to get to the pool. It should be a well made fence that is hard to climb and get through.


The gate on the fence should have a lock that is out of the reach of children, or key-locking. An alarm should be attached that alerts you of  anyone trying to get into the pool area when it is not supervised. There are in the water pool alarms that alert you if someone falls into the pool or jumps in without your knowing about it.  Alarms can be faulty so don’t depend on them totally for safety.


Childguard sells a variety of pool fences for backyard and built in pools that are self closing and latching. Most can be locked with a key. There gates are made of removable mesh and have no top crossbar so children can not climb them.  The poles are made of aluminum or steel and the  fabric is the strongest mesh and most transparent available.


When children and adults are swimming always have someone present to keep watch on activities. You should have a life preserver handy in the event of an accident near the pool. When the pool is in use have a cell phone or house phone nearby so you can talk without leaving the pool. It is also handy if you have to call for an emergency while watching the backyard with pool.


rules for backyard pools


As an addition, you can buy a pool cover and put in on when the pool is not in use for above the ground and in ground pools. Make sure it is securely on. Never leave on a pool cover  on when there are adults or children in the pool. Four sided fences or those that enclose the pool completely are gaining popularity with consumers.


Set rules for safety in the pool. Don’t allow diving unless the children are trained and you pool is deep enough. Limit the amount of tubes  allowed in the pool so that the pool does not get congested. Plan a designated time for using the pool with kids so you have a routine. These are some new rules for a backyard with pool.