Last Updated on April 19, 2017

Winter is creeping forward and it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming season. The right closing process will ensure that your pool is clean in the summer and ready for your enjoyment. Here are the steps you need to follow when the weather turns cold and it’s time to close the pool.


Assemble the Supplies

You’ll need your winterizing kit and a cover. If you have trees on the property that tend to drop a lot of leaves, then you should also invest in a leaf net to keep them off the cover. With above ground pools, you may also want a cover drain to pump rain water and melting snow off the cover throughout the winter.


Pool Treatment and Cleaning

Those stray leaves in the bottom of the pool will rot over the winter and be a mess to clean out in spring. Pool cleaning must be one of your top priorities. Right before you put in the chemicals and disconnect the pump, make your pool shine by cleaning it. Take out the toys, leaves, dirt and portable ladder. Once the pool is clean, adjust the pH level and shock the pool. With the pool water clean and ready, you can drop the level of the water below the intake or return and remove or drain the pumps.


winterize pool


Winterizing Chemicals

Mix the winterizing chemicals in a bucket of water and pour them in around the perimeter. Add the chemicals according to the manufacturer’s directions. Once the chemicals are in, you’re ready to put the cover in place.


Add the Cover

Spread out the cover and put it in place over the pool. If you have an above-ground pool, you’ll use a special wire and spring-loaded bracket to secure the cover. You can also ensure that it stays in place by attaching it to the top rail with special clips. In-ground pools have cables that secure the cover to the pool deck. If the cover dips down into the pool rather than pulling tight, consider adding a leaf net on the top to capture leaves. This net is removed before the snow starts, but it keeps the leaves off the cover in the fall. Use a cover drain to prevent water from building up on the cover and tearing it.