Last Updated on April 19, 2017



As your little ones enjoy a game of baseball in the backyard or head to the lake for a day of fun, have you prepared them (and you!) for water safety? Did you know most children who drown do so after having just been spotted by an adult 5 minutes earlier?


Kids are fast, thrive on exploring and often have no sense of fear. While this makes childhood a care-free adventure for your little one, it means you have an extra responsibility for your child near the pool or lake.


Teach your non-swimmer to always wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket. Older children can help by not dunking younger kids. Not only is this a frightening experience for the little one, it can give them an unhealthy fear of the water.


When your toddlers are near water, watch them 100% of the time! If you have more than 1 or 2 children, you might need help. Install a climb-resistant, mesh fence with a self-locking gate around your pool. Kids can scale most fences in just 17 seconds, so don’t install a typical backyard fence!

Do you know what signs to look for to spot a drowning child? What other steps can you take to avoid a tragedy?


Infographic Source – Smith Mountain Homes