Last Updated on April 19, 2017


With the summer season knocking at the door, maybe it’s time to check out some pool party ideas. Turning your party into an exciting event full of surprises is easier than you think, and your guests will have a lot to talk about afterward!


Pool Action


Kids love spending time splashing around in the water, and you can add to the buzz by organizing a few games and activities for them. There are endless options for what to do! What about asking the children to find small toys on the bottom of the pool that you’ve prepared for them, or having a game of ballon volleyball over the net? If the party continues until the late hours, when adults are likely to get into the swimming mood, have some floating mattresses ready. There’s nothing better than having one last drink while floating on the water.


Food and Drink Experiments Welcome


Summer is the time to show off your cocktail skills, whether with fruity kids’ drinks or something stronger for adult visitors. How about creating a bright rainbow drink made of colourful ice cubes? It’s as simple as freezing juice or Kool-Aid in an ice cube tray and stacking the cubes in a glass to form beautiful colour patterns. Pour in water, Sprite, or a bit of white rum before serving. Strawberry sangria made with strawberries and white wine is another unusual drink that fits the occasion perfectly and looks almost as good as it tastes. Just give it a try and see for yourself!


As for snacks, the pool party theme offers countless possibilities for food styles. You can go for tiny flip flop cookies or maybe try to bake cookies that look like beach balls. For adults’ more discerning taste, search for your inspiration in some of the cuisines linked to the summer season — a Mexican or mediterranean buffet could be the way to go.




Wow your guests with a series of simple tricks that look awesome. Try putting a glow stick inside a balloon to create a magical pool lantern. Candles floating on the water will do the job as well; just make sure to put them in a proper container in order to avoid wax spills. If you decide to host a theme pool party, there are endless possible decorations that will  work perfectly and transport your house to Hawaii, Mexico, or the golden era of the 1920s.




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